Dental Fillings

Restoring Teeth with Dental Fillings

Even with daily brushing, harmful bacteria can enter a tooth creating a cavity that needs a dental filling. In fact, 90 percent of adults worldwide get cavities, so it’s no surprise that most people have received a filling at some point in their lives. Dental fillings heal the damage caused by cavities, prevent further decay from taking place, and help you restore your teeth’s structure and strength.

Restorative Dental Fillings

Receiving a filling is generally a quick process. Our dentist may apply a local anesthetic when filling a tooth to make sure you are comfortable. A portion of your cavity will be cleared away to accommodate the composite resin (a restorative adhesive material) or amalgam that will make up your filling. Fillings are multi-layered, and are hardened at each layer with a specialized light. When the process is completed our dentist will shape the filling and polish the tooth for a seamless fit.

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Not only do dental fillings restore decaying teeth, but they can also be used for cosmetic purposes by improving the colour or shape of teeth. Tooth-coloured fillings are virtually unnoticeable, making them a great method for both strengthening the composition of your teeth and conserving your smile’s natural look. Contact us today for a dental exam to see if you could benefit from dental fillings.