Dental Crowns

Restore Decayed or Worn Down Teeth with Dental Crowns

Sometimes, teeth, which have had root canals, large fractures, or extensive fillings, require a dental crown. A dental crown is a protective shell or “cap” that fits over an original tooth or replacement post to restore function and aesthetic appeal. Today crowns can be made to look like naturally looking teeth.

Dental Crown Procedure at Our Dental Office

First, our dentist will gently anesthetize the affected tooth and surrounding gums. We will then prepare the tooth for the crown and make a mold of it. The permanent crown to be fitted on the tooth is made at a laboratory, and usually takes one weeks to complete. In the meantime, you will wear a temporary crown, until the permanent dental crown arrives at our office and can be carefully cemented into place.

Dental crowns are also often used in conjunction with other dental procedures such as dental bridges and dental implants.

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